Case Studies

The Credibility Crisis

The business world has changed… not too long ago we conducted business face to face, or on the phone… now most businesses never meet their customers in person or have those fruitful conversations.

Today many small and medium size enterprises, and even some once-prestigious global corporations, have closed their doors due to poor management, bad strategic decisions or even unethical business practices, the bottom-line is they are leaving customers in the lurch.

It’s no wonder that buyers are more cautious about the products and services they buy. They need more proof and more validation than ever before. Will the company be around next month to provide their training, services or products… what about support or product updates?

Stories about real business successes (aka customer stories, case studies, or success stories) have become an essential part of today’s marketing plan. Organizations need to document their successes, and need to do so in a way that’s clear, compelling and effective.

This is where I can help…

I help my clients translate their client successes into stories that resonate with their prospects and drive them to act… prospects need more proof and validation than ever before.

So What Exactly Are ‘Case Studies’?

A case study is simply a story of a happy customer’s experience. It details why the customer chose your product or service, how the customer used it, and the benefits the customer achieved.

For your prospects, nothing is more powerful than hearing the positive experiences of your happy clients.

Case studies have that element of seeking, finding and telling a true story in a way that engages the audience. And few things move someone to act as well as an engaging story.

Case studies capture the experiences and results of your customers—and drive home the impact of doing business with your organization. Typically one to four pages when completed, customer case studies provide the details that prospects need to gain confidence and make a decision about working with you.

I use my experience from sales, marketing, coaching, technology and interviewing skills to capture the most relevant details about your customers’ experiences and write engaging, effective customer stories.

Think of a Case Study as a Customer Testimonial on Steroids!

Businesses use these positive stories in their sales, marketing and PR and to increase their credibility in the marketplace. In the age of Amazon and TripAdvisor reviews, people are accustomed to relying on the experiences of others to help them make decisions.

And case studies provide that essential credibility, education and validation to give buyers peace of mind in choosing a vendor.

For organizations, there’s perhaps no better way to communicate value to their audience than the account of a happy customer.

Case studies look and read very much like a feature story, describing the journey and experience of a happy customer and featuring powerful customer quotes.

So What is Not a ‘Case Study’?

A case study is not a brochure (though it can be in hard-copy and handed out like one)

A case study is not ‘web copy’ (though it’s normally on your website so a visitor can download it).

Case studies are unlike any other form of marketing collateral. It’s a compelling, true story, without all the promotional fluff you might find in other marketing copy.

Introducing Customer Case Studies… ‘Success Stories that Sell Your Products and / or Services’

YOU know you can deliver as promised, but to buy confidently, prospects need proof. That’s where case studies, and I, come in. I dig in to understand your business, elicit invaluable comments from your happy customers, deliver results-rich case studies, and manage projects across the finish line – helping you win more business!

Leading companies rely on these ‘Success Stories’ to earn trust, land million-$£€ deals, earn major PR in industry publications, and secure funding. Using fresh, innovative ways to use the art and science of storytelling to help your organization earn mind and market share.

Given today’s ever-changing media landscape, marketing experts advocate leveraging the voices of valued customers to build trust, influence, and sales.

Case studies are unlike other marketing projects; they involve your happiest customers. That’s why it’s essential to have a smooth, professional process and interface at every step.

What is the ‘Case Study’ Process?

  1. Information Gathering
    I do my homework before ever starting a project. I learn about your solutions and services, and talk with you to determine the goal of your case studies, the audience, and the key ideas that are important to feature. We also settle on the best format and length of the cases.
  2. Strategic Question Development
    I develop a customer interview questionnaire with the goal of getting customer comments to dovetail with your value proposition and to get strong return on investment metrics. That questionnaire is then customized for each customer interview.
  3. Interviewing
    First, I gather background information on each project from someone within your organization – the person most familiar with the customer’s history and experience with your company. Next, I conduct interviews with customer contacts.
  4. Review and Approval
    I develop a case study draft and send it to you for review and input. Then I send the polished draft to the featured customer for approval and any edits, checking back until approval is secured. Finally I deliver a completed, finalized draft to you.
  5. Design/Layout – Optional
    If desired, my designer can flow your case study into an attractive layout that you can email or print for live events.

To Create Successful Case Studies Requires Some Very Specific Skills Including:

  • Knowing how to interview your clients to gather the right information
  • Strategically asking questions to get measurable results
  • Writing in a concise, engaging way
  • Taking readers through the customer’s journey
  • Creating the “case study accessories” that are part of every story
  • Knowing how to guide your clients through the process
  • Helping prevent and navigate roadblocks that may arise in the process
  • Guiding designers in creating an attractive layout

There you have it. Case Studies!

If having one or more Case Studies for your organization sounds interesting, here’s the deal…

If you’re ready to get more business without all the hype, case studies are a way to go… “Success Stories that Sell Your Products and Services”. 

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